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Wedding Jewelry
For Brides

Known for quality, designers & superb customer service for over 30 years. Express your bridal style. Choose from our large selection of bridal jewelry to help you stand out with your big day.

Couture Designers

Here at Beard Jewelers we take pride in being an active partner with world renowned leaders in the jewelry design industry. We have a refined collection of prestigious designers who care about the impact of their jewelry and the meaning it provides in customers’ lives. We are here to help introduce you to the world of luxury products that they have created specifically for you.

Leading Experts in Fashion

As an industry pioneer since our company was founded, Beard Fine Jewelers understands how to stay current with fashion trends and we are constantly adapting our colleciton so that our customers can have access to not just the best quality, but the best styles, of jewelry.

Our Story in the
Heart of Texas

Founded 30 years ago, Beard Fine Jewelers has taken pride in being an influential jewelry provider within the great state of Texas. From the pursuit of ongoing innovation in design to the expansion of access to the best and brightest designers, Beard Fine Jewelers has spent its time as an organization which has shown dedication to product growth as well as community participation.

Find Your Perfect Diamond by Shape

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Do you have your own idea for jewelry? Our craftsmen can help you work on a start to finish design for the production of jewelry in your individual style.

Beard fine Jewelers’ Expertise

Your Local Jewelry Appraiser

Here at Beard Fine Jewelers, we have the most knowledgeable and experienced appraisers you can find anywhere. We can appraise all kinds of jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, watches and much more.

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We have a large selection of world renowned industry leading designers who are recognized for their uniquely beautiful style and advanced quality of product for both bridal and fashion jewelry.

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